Shao Nian Bai Ma Zui Chun Feng

Author: 周木楠 / Zhou Mu Nan


少年白马醉春风 / Shao Nian Bai Ma Zui Chun Feng
(Youth on White Horse, Drunk on Spring Breeze)
Author: 周木楠 / Zhou Mu Nan
Length: 734K words (355 chapters)
Status: Completed in May 2019
Published by 不可能的世界: click here to read / purchase
No translation available yet
The story is set about twenty years before Shao Nian Ge Xing and the main characters in the novel are Baili Dongjun and Sikong Changfeng as well as their shifu, Li Changsheng. Supporting characters with major roles are Lei Mengsha, Xiao Ruofeng and Ye Dingzhi. The story spans the time from when Baili Dongjun first learned martial arts to the war with the Demonic Cult. Many familiar characters from the original novel make appearances in the prequel.Publisher's Synopsis
The street was bustling, noisy and clamorous.
A butcher who used a machete chopped down with his knife and bones split apart like flowers. An old lady selling embroidered shoes with needles and candles, and none were left alive within a hundred feet. An oil seller with 18 swords hidden in his sleeves was always staring at the steamed bun stall on the other side. A little beauty who could change her face nine times with a flick of her finger. At the end of the street, there was also a wine shop named Donggui. Inside the shop was a young man who could brew wine. That young man… really only knew how to brew wine.
He had twelve jars of wine, but no one came to drink. The shop only ever had one customer sitting inside - a tipsy man who wore white and carried a spear, whiling his time away. He said he wanted to buy a horse, hang a jar of wine on it, whip it into a wild ride, and get drunk on the spring breeze.

Web Novel Chapter List
Book 1 - Chapters 1-69
Eight Noble Sons of Beili
Book 2 - Chapters 70-268
Renowned Under Heaven
Book 3 - Chapters 269-355
Demonic Cult Eastern Incursion

The novel is also available in print (Simplified Chinese only).Publisher: 中国广播影视出版社 (China Broadcast Film & Television Publishing House)
Publish date: 2021-09-01
ISBN: 9787504385659
Distributed by JD: online listing (China only)
The collection is split into three volumes priced at ¥144 for all three. The author also wrote 4 extra chapters exclusive to the printed version.Print Novel Chapter List
少年白马醉春风 1 少年有酒 Youth Has Wine
19 chapters roughly covers ch 1-127
Book 1 extra: 枪起风陵
少年白马醉春风 2 名扬天下 Renowned Under Heaven
21 chapters roughly covers ch 128-268
Book 2 extra: 英雄美人
少年白马醉春风 3 东征之战 Battle of the Eastern Incursion
15 chapters roughly covers ch 269-354
Book 3 has two extras: 桃花依旧 and 无心无尘


The Young Brewmaster's Adventure
Mango TV and Youku announced the donghua adaptation in Apr 2021. The animation is produced by CG Year (中影年年), same as Shao Nian Ge Xing.
Season 1 - 20 episodes
Air-dates of episodes 1-10: 27 Jul to 21 Sep 2022
After episode 10, the season took a short break and the second part (from episode 11) returned on 14 Dec 2022. Season 1 ended on 8 Feb 2023.
Season 2
Officially announced on 3 Aug 2023.
Watch with English subtitles: Youku YouTube
(Members get advanced access to next episode)
Opening theme: 少年白马 by Smile_小千 - MV
Ending theme: 春风欲渡 by 汪晨蕊 - MV
Listen on YouTube Music, Apple Music, Spotify
Baili Dongjun - Su Shangqing
Sikong Changfeng - Wai Wai
Yue Yao - Xu Jiaqi
Yao Yue - Jin Li
Xiao Bai - Tang Xiaoxi
Su Muyu - Yun Weiyi
Su Changhe - Liu Sicen
Lei Mengsha - Zhang Boheng
Gu Jianmen - Qian Wenqing
Luo Xuan - Teng Xin
Xiao Ruofeng - Zhao Yi
Liu Yue - Wei Yifan
Mo Xiaohei - Miao Zhuang
Baifa Xian - Yao Lei
Ziyi Hou - Meiying Zhisheng
Xiao Li - Qi Sijia
Yan Liuli - Li Shimeng
Gu Luoli - Miao Zhuang
Yan Bietian - Zhao Mingzhou
Yan Qiansui - Yang Mo
Gu Chen - Yang Mo
Granny Needle - Lu Xiran

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Synopsis (from Youku TV):
The story takes place twenty years before Shao Nian Ge Xing. Baili Dongjun, who would become number one under Heaven, was still the doted sole grandson of the Marquis of the Western Garrison. Even though his father was well-trained in martial arts and his mother was the daughter of the head of Wen Clan, he had no interest in martial arts and only loved brewing wine. In ten years, he would brew an ultimate wine. Finally, he stole a title deed from home, ran hundreds of miles away to Chaisang City and opened a tavern. However, this long street was filled with lethal characters and he was the only one who was seriously brewing his wine. Due to various circumstances, he became embroiled in a feud between two great families and befriended Sikong Changfeng, a wanderer with no family, as well as Lei Mengsha, who was known as Sir Zhuomo from Tianqi City. Grateful for their help in saving his life, he decided to join them...

Live Action

Update: 17 Mar 2023
Youku TV (who also produced the Shao Nian Ge Xing drama series) bought over the rights to the prequel drama. They've just announced that filming will start in May 2023 and will take about 120 days. Filming will take place in Hengdian Studios in Zhejiang. The production team is currently calling for auditions for the supporting cast.
Update: 15 May 2023
Filming started on location at Hengdian. Cast list was also confirmed and released.
Update: 14 Sep 2023
Principal photography just wrapped up! Congrats to the cast and crew! The cast list below has also been updated. Now to wait patiently for post-production to be over before it'll air on TV. Stay tuned!
Originally, Mango TV had announced the rights to the live action adaptation that was supposed to be filmed in 2021 to be released in 2022 Q4.Director: Chen Zhoufei 陈宙飞
Executive Producer: Zhou Shuaibo 粥帅博、Yan Xiaorui 闫晓睿
Synopsis (from Youku TV):
Baili Dongjun, the young son of the Marquis of the Western Garrison, was a naughty and mischievous child who hated studying, hated military arts and hated martial arts. His only love was wine-brewing, just because when he was young, he made a promise with his childhood friend, Ye Yun, to one day become the "Wine Immortal". Alas, not even Baili Dongjun could decide his own destiny. Eventually, he became the disciple of the number one martial expert under Heaven, Li Changsheng, and started to learn martial arts. While undergoing his training, he met Yue Yao, who became a close confidante, and also reunited with Ye Yun, who had changed his name to Ye Dingzhi. Under their influence and encouragement, Baili Dongjun began to re-assess his own identity and responsibilities. Many years later, Ye Dingzhi was manipulated by others and forced to launch a war against the Central Plains. Baili Dongjun gathered all the heroes under Heaven to defend their land against the invasion. Facing a friend who was like a brother, not only was Baili Dongjun unwilling to back down, he was determined to save the people, and also his brother!

Baili Dongjun - Hou Minghao 侯明昊
Ye Dingzhi - He Yu 何与
Yue Yao - Hu Lianxin 胡连馨
Sikong Changfeng - Xia Zhiguang 夏之光
Yi Wenju - Jiang Zhenyu 姜贞羽
Leading roles:
Lei Mengsha - Wanyan Luorong 完颜洛绒
Xiao Ruofeng - Bai Shu 白澍
Nangong Chunshui - Zhang Chenxiao 张宸逍
Ziyi Hou - Chen Pinyan 陈品延
Baifa Xian - Xue Bayi 薛八一
Wang Yixing - Liu Zhiyi 刘祉驿
Liu Yue - Zhu Zhengting 朱正廷
Li Changsheng - Qiu Xinzhi 邱心志
Guest starring: (in order of appearance)
Jun Yu - Tong Mengshi 佟梦实
Baili Luochen - Wu Dairong 吴岱融
Yan Liuli - Cao Xiyue 曹曦月
Luo Xuan - Deng Chaoyuan 邓超元
Su Changhe - Xiao Kaizhong 肖凯中
Wen Luoyu - Yu Xinhe 于欣禾
Ye Xiaoying - Li Jiaming 李嘉铭
Yue Qing - Fan Shiran 范诗然
Ji Ruofeng - Yu Yijie 虞祎杰
Zhuge Yun - Bian Tianyang 边天扬
Xiao Yi - Li Hongyi 李宏毅
Li Xinyue - Tu Bing 涂冰
Yu Shengmo - Huang Yi 黄奕
Xie Xuan - Liu Chang 刘畅
Zhao Yuzhen - Cao Yuchen 曹煜辰